February 7, 2011

Stand-in Manager & Finding a Producer

Today is the first day of the rest of my musical career. There are no more excuses and I want to be transparent to you, my fans. Currently, my path involves the following 2 main items:

CRYSTAL AS STAND-IN MANAGER Haven’t blogged in a few weeks. I hope you’ve missed me. I’ve missed you! This week has been a turning point. I’ve decided to ask my girl and trusted friend, Crystal, to be my stand-in manager for the next 2 months. I can’t do everything on my own and want to make sure I continue asking for help on the things I’m not good at. And assembling a team is something I suck at. So she’s agreed to help corral my workflow as well as kick my butt to make me “manageable”, so in 2 months I am ready as a musician to actually seek a real manager: practicing and making sure my expressions and mood match whichever song I’m doing. There’s a lot to the performance and I really appreciate the help. I’ll be video-ing individual songs, reviewing them with her and taking notes in terms of the performance as well as production refinement.

FIND A PRODUCER TO DEVELOP MY SOUND I’ve started looking for a studio at which to record. It’s been tough – getting the run-around from a reputed studio in Atlanta. Then just going with a google search I found one near me. I found one that’s 15 or so minutes from the house and I trust I’ll get a good product. However, I’ve realized what I really need is a producer who can “produce” me. There’s a big difference between someone recording you and getting the “sounds” correct versus someone who is pushing you – or creatively matching you in the studio. I think the best way to do this is just to try one song out. So I’m going to work on recomposing and developing “Crisis Island”.

“Why that song?”¬†you may ask. “It’s not really my favorite…”

Well, I’ve got a trick up my sleeve, and if you’re FB friends with JAKE RATHBURN and “Become a Fan” of JAKE RATHBURN MUSICIAN, you’ll hear about it soon and it will all make sense.

Thanks so much and wish me luck!

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