August 20, 2011


Welcome to the joy of indecision.

Due to incredibly  quick marketing research I’ve decided on going with GODS OF COLORADO as our main project name, as previously posted (and questioned). Just a heads up: EAT DINNER TO THIS was a total fail; not even the co-creator of the name, Vishnu Thyagarajan, turkey-hat-wearing-on-his-fb-profile-pic and my long-lost-ex-guitarist, likes it. In my defense, I was thinking of going with it and then getting a steady restaurant gig. Kind of like “build the marketing right in there”. It’s so shitty, I soon learned. It’s neither funny, intriguing, nor does it roll of your tongue.

DEBT MAGNET, however, has potential. I originally thought of it while driving with my knee, thinking “Jake, what’s something that would look cool on a T-shirt?” After all, half of  what’s going to keep the tour bus rolling is merchandise. And, that in mind, DEBT MAGNET could fit pretty much any musician – we (musicians) spend a lot of money on equipment and years working on our craft, time that could have been spent working for the IRS, incurring plenty of negative income instead. Also, since my lyrics are generally cynical, I think it could work. I would wear that shirt and I think a lot of folks would. Kinda douchie, but if the graphics were just right, it could be pulled off. Regardless, I think it will be the name for a side project.

DEBT MAGNET, an unlikeably-named side project.

Photoshop is smarter than we are.

It’s pretty good. What do you think? [Please leave a comment below. Someone other than family please. I’m trying to be a star over hear.]

FYI 1 Gods of Colorado are going to be opening for the Jeff Shephard Band this coming Friday, Aug. 26th at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta. Be there! We’ll be going on at 7:30 and crushing it. If you come out and buy a CD from me, I will buy you a drink.

FYI  2  I now have a trio. Ok, really it’s going to be different drummers and a bass players in rotation backing me up, but we go together like plaid on a lumberjack.

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