Living Room Concerts

Living Room Concerts are a new way to enjoy Live music – and they’re catching on all over the world. There’s nothing like being close to the audience, and not having to compete with an espresso machine.

Jake Rathburn on German TV News
I had the awesome opportunity to get on RTL Hessen in Germany promoting this special way to enjoy music.
Watch the video below.

Contact me with any questions. Meine deutchen Helfer werden ihre fragen beantworten.



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  • Deronfish

    Very cool style of music..I may be able to throw a little rock to it…. go to  I also have bass and keys..404-425-3850

  • shari

    I saw your cameo at Dilly Cafe last week.  What a treat!  I am looking forward to following your success!

  • goldrush

    Just getting my daily dose of Jake Rathburn here. I love your music and your creative and original song lyrics. Can’t wait to see you perform live again!

  • rsbalto

    Im having a pride party Saturday june 15. in Baltimore, I would love to have you play for an hour or so.
    Let me know if interested.
    my email:

  • Penny

    A contact of mine would like to host a Living Room concert in Luxembourg for 30 guests on a Friday or Saturday night in late November or early December. Please let me know if this would be possible.

  • Tom

    Found your website!
    Thanks for the concert yesterday in Darmstadt.
    Was pleasure to meet you.

  • Sabby

    Haven’t been to a live show yet, but I really like what I’ve heard so far! Going to try to make it to the show on Saturday :)

  • Jake Rathburn

    Dankeschoen, Tom – I must say I would love to see one of your shows!!! Need to hear what a real bass-britone is 😛

  • Jake Rathburn

    Oh yes – can’t wait to do The Munch! Hope you can make :(D

  • Kristina

    You are amazing!!! I wish I could’ve joined one of your concerts during your tour, but it’s just not enough time as a working mom. Hope to see you soon

  • Viktoria

    Yay, so I am the first after 3 years..what should say..awesome living room concert in Frankfurt!! It was great getting to know you. Expecting a lot from you in the pressure 😀 Let me know when you’re back in Europe..or anywhere close ^^ take care!! Xx

  • Jake Rathburn

    So nice of you – great to sing at / meet wiith / be expected of from you :^(D

  • Jake Rathburn

    Hey dude you are AWESOME!