A Cover & Some Candy

  • Deronfish

    Very cool style of music..I may be able to throw a little rock to it…. go to youtube.com/blackfishpink  I also have bass and keys..404-425-3850

  • shari

    I saw your cameo at Dilly Cafe last week.  What a treat!  I am looking forward to following your success!

  • goldrush

    Just getting my daily dose of Jake Rathburn here. I love your music and your creative and original song lyrics. Can’t wait to see you perform live again!

  • rsbalto

    Im having a pride party Saturday june 15. in Baltimore, I would love to have you play for an hour or so.
    Let me know if interested.
    my email: honktonk1234@yahoo.com

  • Penny

    A contact of mine would like to host a Living Room concert in Luxembourg for 30 guests on a Friday or Saturday night in late November or early December. Please let me know if this would be possible.
    my email:pennysteffen@gmail.com

  • Tom

    Found your website!
    Thanks for the concert yesterday in Darmstadt.
    Was pleasure to meet you.

  • Sabby

    Haven’t been to a live show yet, but I really like what I’ve heard so far! Going to try to make it to the show on Saturday 🙂

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    Dankeschoen, Tom – I must say I would love to see one of your shows!!! Need to hear what a real bass-britone is 😛

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    Oh yes – can’t wait to do The Munch! Hope you can make :(D

  • Kristina

    You are amazing!!! I wish I could’ve joined one of your concerts during your tour, but it’s just not enough time as a working mom. Hope to see you soon

  • Viktoria

    Yay, so I am the first after 3 years..what should say..awesome living room concert in Frankfurt!! It was great getting to know you. Expecting a lot from you in the future..no pressure 😀 Let me know when you’re back in Europe..or anywhere close ^^ take care!! Xx

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    So nice of you – great to sing at / meet wiith / be expected of from you :^(D

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    Hey dude you are AWESOME!

  • Heather

    You have a rare ability to laugh at yourself and push the status quo – even if it’s somewhat questionable – it usually gives pause and it’s refreshing! 🙂

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    Thanks, Heather! Haha. Very true 😀

  • Paul Gibby

    I bet your house-concerts in Germany will be great! Saw the video on German TV from years back. Definitely a good idea. Should fly in the US too! Also really like your new mixes and electric guitar work. How do you make those loops and not screw up? Very intricate. Keep up the good work, man!

  • Rob

    Love seeing you go hard on the music man! Jake’s my original music mentor. The original!

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    Thanks so much, Paul – can’t wait to get back there 🙂

    “I hope I don’t screw up…. but Lord knows that’s what I do best” – (best line from “Overdue Book Named ___________”)

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    Love to be seen!.. That makes me SO PROUD 😀

  • Corey Nowlin

    I played in a band that shared a bill with Jake. We were a tight little unit, but I quit that band because Jake was so good. I wanted to play in Jake’s band. Problem was, Jake didn’t need a band. :-/ He’s just a superb singer, writer, and performer all in one.

    Not to mention, he’s a damn fine human.

    Love Ya, Jake!!

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    HAHA – You’re hilarious, Corey 😀 Thanks so much, bro 😀

  • John Maggard

    Hell I’ll vouch for you – just no more scary tigers,’K?

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com/ Jake Rathburn

    😀 Thanks John 😀

  • Peter Varkonyi

    I met Jake at one of his solo gigs over here in Europe a couple of years ago. He’s a super-talented songwriter and singer with enviable guitar chops. Check him out if you get the chance, you won’t be sorry!

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com Jake Rathburn

    If you knew how amazing Peter Varkonyi is at music you’d be all “wow Jake must be the shiiii”. Thanks dude 🙂 Seriously you gotta check him out http://www.varkonyimusic.com

  • mikeboehmer57

    Great to finally see Jake perform! Great lyrics, sound and stage presence. His sense of humor really makes the experience fun!

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com Jake Rathburn

    Thanks so much, Mike!!

  • Leah Marie

    Had the pleasure to hear your music at The North by Northside music festival and absolutely love your music! Very melodic and entertaining! Keep writing beautiful songs and I look forward to seeing more of your shows!

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com Jake Rathburn

    Awwww! Thanks, Leah – I really appreciate it <3

  • Lori Dearwester Ervin

    Thank you Jake for sharing your gift of music. I love it when i get a chance to catch your set at a local event.

    You have a great voice. You write great music and you are funny. Can’t wait to see you again soon!

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com Jake Rathburn


  • Nathan Lautz

    Thanks for sharing your music with the world, Jake!! And your personality and humor! 🙂

    I’ve been going to Jake’s shows for a couple years now and love ’em. He’s constantly writing new music with an evolving style and amazing stage presence that keep me showing up! Keep on alternatively rocking, Jake!!

  • Ed Ribar

    Jake you are such a talented guitar player and singer, and a prolific songwriter. I’m looking forward to the next time I get to hear you play live!

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com Jake Rathburn

    Thank you my homebrother 😀

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com Jake Rathburn

    I awkwardly appreciate all ur support, Nathan!

  • Teitgen Isabel

    Listening your music makes me happy and full of energy ! Definitively I love “Walking the Wire” & ” 10 in my bed “. You are such a multi -talented artist. I, as consul for Internations, the world expat community, would like to have you in Luxembourg to perform and to let the expat people there to hear your powerfull music. Can’t wait to hear you play live!!!!

  • Elsa Kamberi

    Love listening to your tunes Jake. I am looking forward that you join our Internations Eindhoven community in September to play live with us:).

  • http://wizkidsound.com/ Wizkid Sound

    I sometimes forget that you’re a badass guitar player. You’re like Prince. The solo in “This Can’t Wait” made me feel nice.

    With love, from your former producer, product manager, ooh/ahh man, and general thorn in side. ❤️

  • Valerie Gustafson

    I met Jake through work. He always brightened my day when he came into the office (: every time he came in he showed me new songs he had been working on, and I was a fan from the start!
    He truly is talented! I always look forward to hearing new songs!

    You’re doing great man!! Keep up the good work!! I can’t wait to be able to come and be front and center at a show!!!

  • Fred Thomas

    Jake can pick it, sing it, produce it, lead an interesting and entertaining discussion, and God knows what else. This guy is a Springsteen-esque talent. So will somebody please discover him?

  • Ben Weaver

    Awesome music, buddy. Keep up the quirky energy and humor. We need it!

  • Mary McConnell

    Listen…rarely do overt, thoughtful, cheeky, desperately honest, and talented people actually present themselves in a way that is approachable and beholden co-incidentally. Jake is open-mind -arms -heart and puts juice into his creativity at a pace and level of intuition that implies the sweet sweet combo of intellectual capability and artistic fervor that is so desired. He makes it seem like anyone can be a Rockstar, right up until you watch the mad scientist in his lab frankensteining up a hit. Who knows what you want to be when you grow up, Jake, but what you are to me is famous!

  • http://www.JakeRathburn.com Jake Rathburn

    Hallelujah Loerrrrrrrrrrd – somebody gits it 🤘🥰

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