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  • Deronfish

    Very cool style of music..I may be able to throw a little rock to it…. go to  I also have bass and keys..404-425-3850

  • shari

    I saw your cameo at Dilly Cafe last week.  What a treat!  I am looking forward to following your success!

  • goldrush

    Just getting my daily dose of Jake Rathburn here. I love your music and your creative and original song lyrics. Can’t wait to see you perform live again!

  • rsbalto

    Im having a pride party Saturday june 15. in Baltimore, I would love to have you play for an hour or so.
    Let me know if interested.
    my email:

  • Penny

    A contact of mine would like to host a Living Room concert in Luxembourg for 30 guests on a Friday or Saturday night in late November or early December. Please let me know if this would be possible.

  • Tom

    Found your website!
    Thanks for the concert yesterday in Darmstadt.
    Was pleasure to meet you.

  • Sabby

    Haven’t been to a live show yet, but I really like what I’ve heard so far! Going to try to make it to the show on Saturday 🙂

  • Jake Rathburn

    Dankeschoen, Tom – I must say I would love to see one of your shows!!! Need to hear what a real bass-britone is 😛

  • Jake Rathburn

    Oh yes – can’t wait to do The Munch! Hope you can make :(D

  • Kristina

    You are amazing!!! I wish I could’ve joined one of your concerts during your tour, but it’s just not enough time as a working mom. Hope to see you soon

  • Viktoria

    Yay, so I am the first after 3 years..what should say..awesome living room concert in Frankfurt!! It was great getting to know you. Expecting a lot from you in the pressure 😀 Let me know when you’re back in Europe..or anywhere close ^^ take care!! Xx

  • Jake Rathburn

    So nice of you – great to sing at / meet wiith / be expected of from you :^(D

  • Jake Rathburn

    Hey dude you are AWESOME!