January 28, 2013

Whuuuuh???? I’m in a German newspaper?!

Jake gets in the paper for something doing something good for once!

How exciting = my first printed press! And it’s in Germany.  Uh, for those of you who don’t know – I’m actually on a mini-tour over here, based in Mannheim. The gig was actually this past weekend = an absolute blast sharing some of the songs from my upcoming record, LEAP YEAR. I can’t wait to get this record out to you!

And, before I left the US, we had a successful Kickstarter campaign  and shot my first pro music video for one of the songs as a thank you to my supporters – Check it out below.

Also – PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS at the end of the video 😉   Thanks!

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December 29, 2012


Yesterday was immense.

My Kickstarter was funded – YEY!!! The recording engineer already sent me mixes that are sounding friggin’ awesome; I shot my first professional music video and it’s going to turn out great; And I got to hang out with my sister one last time and we didn’t fight again – the past month is a record for us 😀 And – Uh… I can finally focus on going to Germany in less than 48 hours!!!!

I’d like to thank all of those who took part in my Kickstarter – your rewards are on their way. Robert Dyson at Wizkid Sound in Atlanta for making the record happen on time; all the models and people coming out to be in the “Better Bring Candy” video last night. And my kickass friends and family for making my life perfect.

I love you all,

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December 9, 2012

Be the 1st to get your hands on my debut album, LEAP YEAR!!!

Click the link to see how! http://kck.st/TRVizs

Thanks so much for your love + support 😀










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October 24, 2012

Hot Tips for the Struggling Artist

1. Love what you create. I went through many personal struggles on my quest to “find” my sound. At one point I just started hating the stuff I was creating but then a good friend of mine helped me reprogram my brain while I was coming up with stuff. He said, “No matter if it’s good or not, just tell yourself ‘That’s hot’.” That actually really helped when I was getting down on ideas I was coming up with on guitar.
2. Figure out your brand and just stick to that. Wait. No. Don’t. Do what you do and then make people who like it will find you. You don’t necessarily have to go after one niche. I learned this when I was so fearful to put “Don’t put your cock into crazy” out. I wanted it to be a different band because I felt it would turn off some people and it might paint me as a joke band. This was just a random great song that elicits a humorous response, is memorable and is merely a “piece”. It is not me. THE COOL THING IS: you can look at songs like singles. I’ve had so many different ideas for band names and really it’s all just me. Do I need to put a label on myself as an artist. No. But band names do help. “Don’t Put Your Cock into Crazy” you might expect from a joke band named ScrotemPole or something. But it’s all really Jake Rathburn. Why fight it when people request that song?
3. If you are kind of ugly, you might want to have a cool band logo. Also, you can make it interactive.
A bonus is to have something to color in on the back of a small flyer. People want a part in your success.
4. Which bring us to Really Using People. Get people to do stuff you can’t or don’t want to do.
Interns, Street Teams, and Paying people way less than they’re worth. Or just pay them with bad sex.
5. Sex always and will always sell, but try not to look gay.
188193_409839495736655_803908796_n.jpg I’ve really struggled with this. Insert me in the purple shirt.
6. Where something weird and get a great picture taken at every venue so you come up in google image search when other musicians look at that venue. I found these guys when I google imaged The New Anita in Amsterdam.
COUNTER INTUITIVE POINT: Multi-tasking is for idiots. And it actually makes you dumber. Science says. I prefer and recommend Mono-tasking.

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August 16, 2012

Driving to Cincinnat / “Burnin’ up the moon” acapella

Things have be crazy. I’ve got a new song and only on my drive to Cincinnati to see my dad did I muster the strength to get a video done.

You’re gonna love this song tho. . This is an acapalla version punctuated with a fun kiss. Why not?!

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