September 16, 2016

Improve Yo Lyrics

I struggled for years, haphazardly reaching for lyrics, often drinking to access that creative spark. It sometimes worked really F-ing well, but mostly didn’t. Earlier this year, after starting to try to get sober, I reached out a friend and fellow songwriter, Richard Cooper, who gave me a few leads on how to improve my music. He suggested the book Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison. It gives you great tips and daily exercises to improve song structure. Definitely recommend buying it. Here’s part of a recent exercise – an example of 4 lines (4 stressed syllables each, with the rhyme structure of  a a b a):

Writing Better Lyrics: Exercise 20

Once in a while you get what you need
But most of the time you’re a bird in a tree
Waiting around for a worm to climb up;
the benefit is you stay skinny.

Keep up with me as I continue conquering alcoholism and that other tragic addiction of mine: Music!

Listen below to a song I wrote, feat. the amazing David Sharkey on saxophone.

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December 20, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly One!!

Merry Christmas!! Thanks so much for making 2013 my best year ever! Enjoy time with your family and friends 🙂 Sei vorsichtig oder hab’ Spaß!! (Be careful or have fun!)

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July 18, 2013

Back in Germany!! !

Hey folks,

I just arrived in Germany again on Monday, embarking on my 2nd tour of Europe and promoting my recent record, Leap Year – including playing intimate Living Room Concerts. Last week, we made a video explaining how easy andd fun it is to have a small concert in your own home. Check it out:

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April 11, 2013


I just made it back to the USA from the first leg of my Leap Year Tour in Germany. I had a complete blast and learned very much about playing out internationally and what material works best. I’m currently planning a simple USA Living Room / Backyard Tour in May, to help raise money for getting back to Europe in July as well as for recording another record, GREAT TO WAKE UP TO, featuring more acoustic originals that were appreciated over Germany.

Living Room Concerts are the most up-close and intimate way to experience live music; always a good time, they can vary in personality depending on the style of the host, home and type of event. Some LRCs are private shows, but often people open their homes to a wider audience (generally friends of friends). Guests can bring food and drinks to share, and a hat is passed with a suggested donation.

If you’d be so kind to host me or know someone who would, I’d really really really appreciate it.

Here are the cities and tentative dates (so far only Pittsburgh on 5/14 is booked):


CHICAGO, IL – Wednesday 5/8
ANN ARBOR or DETROIT, MI – Friday 5/10
CLEVELAND or AKRON, OH – Sunday 5/12
NEW YORK, NY – Thursday 5/16
WASHINGTON, DC – Saturday 5/18
RICHMOND, VA – Monday 5/20
RALEIGH or CHAPEL HILL, NC – Wednesday 5/22
CHARLOTTE, NC – Friday 5/24
ATLANTA – Sunday 5/26
LEXINGTON – Tuesday 5/28
CINCINNATI – Friday 5/31
And this is an original song from my last show in Germany at shackspace in Stuttgart.

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February 22, 2013


This trip has been great!

I played an amazing living room concert (Wonzimmerkonzert) in Frankfurt, Germany this past weekend and RTL TV did a nice little story, which aired on Monday, Febuary 18th at 6:30 pm CET. Very blessed.

Also, here goes so cool art that might make the CD, whose audio is ready to hear! I am so very proud and thankful to all of you for supporting my music dream.

All the tracks are now available  for FREE on right here
OR if you have Euros – and are really nice – you can buy them here, and the first several folks can name your price.

Thanks so much and enjoy!

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