March 28, 2020

Kummerspeck für these Shit-Times

For my 4th album, “str8 thoughts”, I’d like to offer a behind-the-scenes look at went into this record. It’s gonna be an 8-day “Sonic Journey”: I’ll share a song per day, detailing what inspired each track, and what went into it 🙂

Fill out the contact form below, with Str8 in the Subject line and we’ll be “embarking” soon!!

You’re Subscribing ONLY to the Sonic Journey. If you’d like to subscribe to the main email list, put: “Str8 + List” in subject line 🙂 Thx

Also: Checkout this [2nd] Episode of my new interview show, the product of Laser Insane Focus™ = spent 20 hours editing this turd till this guy appeared interesting.  jk. Rob Currens is the MAN! – not only on skis, but also talking how good he is on his. Enjoy 🙂

Also – and don’t forget – I’m a funny to  

And Last but surely not Least:

Thanks so much for you Love + Support. Be well!

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