All my “released” music is downloadable for free via Soundcloud. Also available on Spotify, Google play, iTunes, Pandora and Amazon. If you want the full sonic quality of a CD lemme know and I can mail you one. I worked my butt off on this stuff = hope you enjoy :^)

Below is my most recent album, BETTY, written & recorded during – and as a result of – my newfound sobriety and the rocky relationship thereafter. Thankful for finally getting clearheaded and still being able to write songs.

KLEINER RUHM!!! was created during & after touring Central Europe in 2013 – Most of that tour occurred in intimate, German living room settings, hence my play on [German] words: “Kleiner Ruhm” = “Small Fame” :^D

My debut album LEAP YEAR was recorded at home and at Wizkid Sound Studio in Atlanta.

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