Here’s a teaser of an upcoming project: Drinking Games, The Album.

All my “released” music is downloadable for free via Soundcloud. Also available on Spotify, Google play, iTunes, Pandora and Amazon. If you want the full sonic quality of a CD lemme know and I can mail you one. I worked my butt off on this stuff = hope you enjoy :^)

Below is my most recent album, BETTY, written & recorded during – and as a result of – my newfound sobriety and the rocky relationship thereafter. Thankful for finally getting clearheaded and still being able to write songs.

KLEINER RUHM!!! was created during & after touring Central Europe in 2013 – Most of that tour occurred in intimate, German living room settings, hence my play on [German] words: “Kleiner Ruhm” = “Small Fame” :^D

My debut album LEAP YEAR was recorded at home and at Wizkid Sound Studio in Atlanta.

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