March 28, 2020

Kummerspeck für these Shit-Times

For my 4th album, “str8 thoughts”, I’d like to offer a behind-the-scenes look at went into this record. It’s gonna be an 8-day “Sonic Journey”: I’ll share a song per day, detailing what inspired each track, and what went into it 🙂

Fill out the contact form below, with Str8 in the Subject line and we’ll be “embarking” soon!!

You’re Subscribing ONLY to the Sonic Journey. If you’d like to subscribe to the main email list, put: “Str8 + List” in subject line 🙂 Thx

Also: Checkout this [2nd] Episode of my new interview show, the product of Laser Insane Focus™ = spent 20 hours editing this turd till this guy appeared interesting.  jk. Rob Currens is the MAN! – not only on skis, but also talking how good he is on his. Enjoy 🙂

Also – and don’t forget – I’m a funny to  

And Last but surely not Least:

Thanks so much for you Love + Support. Be well!

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January 20, 2019

a Nice, Objectifying Tune :)

“10 in my Bed” is the last song I wrote while drinking, back in 2016. I had told myself “ima drink for 1 more month, so I’ll write what I write and figure out how to write sober.” As much as I <3 this tune, it was either met with a drunken “Oh hell yeah!” (sang the hook at a drunk dude at a bar once) or a confusedly lackluster: “Ha = trying to be funny?” I’m not so sure I’m trying to be funny [more below]… Please Share + Subscribe to my Channel!!

This tune is more a desperate yet tongue-in-cheek plea made quietly many of us with a Porn- and/or Love-addicted mind. I could prolly settle with much less than a 10 (it’s a lotta trouble anywhere above 7.23) and ya know they say: “You can either be Smart, Attractive and/or Emotionally Stable: Pick 2.”
I’ll just keep makin’ whatever music comes. Please Share + Subscribe to my Channel!!

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January 15, 2019

New Song + Friday Gig in OTR


Been on fire writing material and sounding badass with Carly. “Jake Rathburn & Sis” are playing this Friday in OTR at Lucius Q at 7 – 9pm ==> Click here for Friday gig info!

Below is an example of combining of your 2 favorite things: music & snow. I recently wrote this tune, inspired by bein’ accused of by a scorned-ish lover “wtf you only write love songs!” and a later charge to “Write something good – these recent songs suck!” by someone else who is cool after all. Enjoy :o)

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October 1, 2018

Email Fail: Why You Never Got Your Song -.-


If you haven’t been getting the “NEWSFLASH from RATHWORLD” email newsletter, I apologize. Meaning well, whilst adding ppl to the subscription they opted into – I’d personally write an email & send them a free song (by attaching an mp3). Unfortunately, that email with mp3 (and maybe all other emails since – newsletter included – went largely unseen.

If you’d like to hear the song I sent you, check your spam or junk for I’m sending the newsletter from from now on, which sounds OFFICIALER anyway!

I sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Speaking of which – below is the 1st track on my 3rd album (BETTY). “Why Ya Gotta Be So Pretty?” is a pretty shallow title, but a nice lil jam nonetheless.  If you’d like to hear the rest of BETTY, click here for YouTube. It’s also on Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify. Please comment, share, and like. Thanks 🙂

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April 13, 2018

Singer-songwriter Showcase Announcement on 4/21


I’m excited to announce an event coming up: Carly and I were invited to play a singer-songwriter event (OMH = Open Mic Hootenanny) on April 21 at

True Freedom Recovery
4501 Allison St
Norwood, OH 45212

We’ll go on somewhere between 8p and 9pm for a 30 min showcase

Free event!

Hope to see you there^^

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